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Frequently Asked Questions

WCW BigBoy Backpack

Wagtail Cleaning Tools

RO System Maintenance

Bucket On A Belt

Unger Extension Poles

WCW Big Boy Backpack

How Long Does the Battery Charge Last?

The battery can provide about 8 hours of average use. We recommend that it is kept charged and topped off as often as possible. The battery will last longer if charged frequently.

My Backpack has Stopped Working

  • When was it last charged?
  • Try giving it a full charge – at least overnight.
  • Battery issues are the most common reason for failures.
  • Secondly, try opening the base unit. Often wires or components need to be secured or adjusted. If under warrantee and there is no obvious faulty component is faulty, you can return the backpack to us for repair.
  • If out of warranty and it appears that the pump, battery or flow controller are worn, then contact us and we can send you replacement units at a reasonable cost. If cared for, your WCW Backpack can provide years of reliable use. Many of our customers have units that have been in daily service for extended periods.

How To Repair a Split Hose

The hose can sometimes split around the plastic 'Enlarger' ball inside the tube.

  1. Cut this section off and remove the enlarger.
  2. Gently heat the remainder of the hose to make it flexible, then reinsert the Enlarger.

We also sell the hose attachment separately.

My Backpack is Stuck on Full Power

This usually means there is a problem with the flow controller.
Open up the backpack and check the wiring. You may require a new Flow Controller.

How to Check The Fuse

The fuse is in a black rubber casing.

  1. Open the casing and examine the connections. The ends are brass, one end will have a spring. If water or moisture gets into the base of the backpack this might have corroded the parts.
  2. You can sand off any white power with a fine sandpaper.
  3. Also, check the spring hasn't weakened.

A firm contact between these parts is essential.

Backpack Dimensions

Height 22" - Width  13" - Depth 7"

Brand New Unit That Does Not Switch On

Proceed through the following checklist:

  1. Has the unit got a pole plugged in, if a microbore tap is fitted the pole must be connected ie the backpack is not dead ended.
  2. Is the battery charged? The unit will not work with less than 11.9 volts.
  3. Has the unit ever worked, if not check wiring inside backpack as wires may have come disconnected while in transport.
  4. Check Battery is connected inside the back pack.
  5. Does the battery gauge show any movement while unit is switched on/off?
  6. Is the On/Off switch working?
  7. Is the variable speed controller working?
  8. Does the unit run when plugged into the wall?
  9. Is the pump connected via the white plug 2 pin plug inside the back pack?
  10. Check all wiring inside the back pack.

My Backpack Turns on but Produces Very Low Pressure

  1. Is battery charged? Unit will not work with less than 11.9 volts.
  2. Is the tap blocked? Try removing it. Eliminate any chance of blockage.
  3. Is the strainer inside backpack clear?
  4. If the pump kicks in for less than a second then stops, the unit has built up to pressure,indicating a blockage.
  5. Check inside backpack to see if either the inlet or outlet pipes are blocked/kinked.
  6. Is water coming out of the base of the backpack? Pipe has come off or holed.
  7. For the yellow type of backpack, does the unit work if charger plugged in? If so glass fuse has blown.
  8. Has the unit been used during the winter, if so the pump may have cracked.
  9. Check pressure switch is ok if and that power runs through it, this can be tested by bypassing it by joining the 2 red wires coming in and out of it, or by running a direct battery live feed to the wire supplying the motor.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If water coming out of the outlet seems to have bubbles or is spitting, this can indicate that the diaphragm has become damaged.
  • If the system drawing in air on the inlet side of the pump, check the plumbing from the tank to the pump inlet for an airtight seal.
  • Also check the pump strainer for an airtight seal.
  • Blockages can cause an air-lock. These can be a awkward to clear but can be cleared effectively by sucking on the outlet pipe while the pump is running until air is drawn through. This can take several attempts but will often solve the issue. 


Wagtail Cleaning Tools

What's the Difference Between the Versions?

Wagtail products can be difficult to identify. Wagtail are constantly updating and refining their world renowned cleaning tools as well as releasing new innovative products. Fortunately, the Official Wagtail Website was recently updated with detailed pictures and descriptions of each of their current iterations. Here at Window Cleaning Warehouse we are revitalising our Wagtail Category Page to help customers see exactly what they are getting and we aim to provide customers with all their latest products.

Which Wagtail Pads?

These days, most of Wagtail's Combination squeegees use the superior Wagtail Blue MICROFIBRE PAD. These are used with the SLIMLINE, PIVOT CONTROLCOMBI and ORBITAL FLIPPERS as well as the NEW! Wagtail JETSTREAM². The larger Wagtail Z-BAR SLEEVE is a microfibre replacement specifically for the Wagtail Z-BAR MOP Applicator.

Pole Fittings

Wagtail handles are hollow and will fit to most Ettore and Unger poles. They don’t snap into place like the Unger Ergotec® Systems but they will be secure. We recommend that customers use the Wagtail ANGLE ARM Gooseneck and Adapter for a more versatile secure fit.


RO System Maintenance

How to Flush Your RO System

Regularly flushing your RO System can effectively prevent large particles from accumulating in the system and damaging the membranes. You can drastically extend the life of your membrane with regular maintenance.

  1. Locate and loosen the small tap valve
  2. This will ensure water flows out through the waste valve
  3. Flush your system with fresh water for approximately 3-5 minutes

Flushing your RO System depends on your usage, but for average use we recommend repeating the process a minimum of once a week. If you are experiencing persistent problems with you RO, try flushing the system thoroughly for 30-60 minutes.


Bucket On A Belt

Can a Bucket On A Belt be used Right and Left Handed?

All Bucket On a Belt devices we supply can be used right or left handed with one exception. The Unger Classic version is only suitable for right handed use as the tools face the wrong way.


Unger Extension Poles

What's the Difference Between OptiLoc™ and TelePlus™ Poles?

Both Unger aluminium extension pole systems use the same clamping mechanism. However, TelePlus™ Poles can be extended by purchasing additional pole sections. 

How to Fit the Zinc/Nylon Angle Joint to OptiLoc™ Poles

  1. Unscrew the green OUTER SLEEVE from the Unger Optiloc™ Locking Collar attached to the OptiLoc™ Pole
  2. Insert the Angle Joint through the OUTER SLEEVE
  3. Insert the Angle Joint through the grey INNER CLUTCH
  4. Re-Attach the OUTER SLEEVE over the INNER CLUTCH and back to the OptiLoc™ Pole