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5 Products That Will Change The Way You Work

Monday, 31 October 2016  |  Scott

Window cleaning is an industry rife with the ‘next best’ product that will ‘revolutionise’ how you work.  From the great to the downright stupid, there is an unending list of tools and accessories aimed at improving how you work on a day to day basis.

The Team here at WCW has come up with a list of 5 of our favourite tried and tested tools and upgrades that we couldn’t be without. No gimmicks or fads, just proven products that windies every day couldn’t be without.

So, in no particular order, here is the 5 products window cleaners shouldn’t be without:

The UNI-VALVE from Exceed Innovations has been a big seller since its inception and is widely regarded as the most convenient way to control water usage on water fed poles. The UNI-VALVE is a small item fitted on pole-hose that allows you to switch off the flow of water by simply tugging the pole hose coming from the bottom of the pole.

 Its simplicity and the fact it fits on the inside of the pole means it rarely goes wrong and isn’t likely to be damaged in the same way some of the competing products do. Not only that, it is relatively inexpensive given the money it will save you daily on water and sheer convenience. The univalve is a staple for many window cleaners and certainly one of the first things to spring to mind when creating this list.

You Can Purchase the UNI-VALVE HERE 

2. PowerUp! HD
The PowerUp! HD from Waterworks is another popular item, one that most windies will be familiar with, but it definitely deserves its spot on our list. The PowerUp! HD is the first window cleaning specific electric reel and is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of our industry.

 For those of you that aren’t familiar, the PowerUp! HD is a device designed to relieve the task of winding in your hose reel. Boasting a reel in time of 100m in 30 seconds it certainly does save time (and your shoulders!).  If you’re reeling in your hose reel a number of times a day, it can really be an effective tool. On top of that, Waterworks are a reputable company and have excellent aftercare service so you can rest assured the PowerUp! HD is a great purchase from a great company.

You Can Purchase the PowerUp! HD HERE 

3. FaceLift® PhoeniX FLITE Connector  
The PhoeniX FLITE Connector from FaceLift® uses a custom designed pole insert with integrated quick release connectors to give you a ‘tubeless’ water fed pole.

The PhoeniX FLITE Connector allows you to store and use your pole without any unnecessary hose or dangling attachments and fittings.
What this effectively means is:

  • Prolonged Life of Your Fittings
  • No Mess or Tangled Hose When Stored - The Tidiest Your Van Will Ever Be!
  • One Hose Kit per Reel - Compatible with all PhoeniX Poles up to 50ft
  • Fast & Simple Detachment of Pole Hose - No Snags, No Fuss

You Can Purchase the FaceLift® PhoeniX FLITE Connector HERE 

4. VISION V2 Pure Water Additive
VISION V2 from Jigsaw Innovations is an absolute must for many window cleaners. At WCW we get great reviews of VISION V2 on a regular basis with one customer leaving the comments below for us in September:

‘Have been using for a couple of months now, the first thing I noticed is the brush seems to glide with less resistance. The most notable change is the shine of the glass and frames, giving great kerb appeal!’

VISION V2 is a cleaning formula that has been designed to be added to purified water primarily for use along with water fed pole window cleaning.

VISION V2 gives purified water that added power that is sometimes needed. When added, it cleans better than pure water alone, leaves a great shine, and helps the brush head glide along the glass which can speed up your working day. Another benefit is that a lot of windows become hydrophilic (having a strong affinity for water) so the final rinse is easier. Some users have even experienced being able to work significantly faster than when using pure water alone.

You Can Purchase VISION V2 Pure Water Additive HERE

UNDERPORTS aren’t necessarily the most flash product on the market but the peace of mind you’ll get from using your system whilst the van is locked make them  a must have.

Working on site with your van doors wide open when you are anywhere up to 100 meters away gives nobody any peace of mind. Fitting UNDERPORTS gives you a low cost resolution to this problem. They allow you to fill or use your water fed system with the van completely locked.

UNDERPORTS use secure screws to attached to the van bumper and require a small hole in the van floor to allow the hose to pass through. The port usually sits high enough to give enough clearance for speed bumps etc and is fitted with nickel coated brass fittings to ensure they withstand being outdoors for their entire working life.

You Can Purchase UNDERPORTS by Giving Us a Call on 01446 749 060

Are there any other products that you think are an absolute must have?
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