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Best 5 Products of 2017

1 CommentWednesday, 6 December 2017  |  Scott


2018 is looming in and now is the time to prep yourself for the new year. There's been some great products released through 2017, so we've decided to feature 5 exciting products that could give your business a boost as you move into the new year. 

Without any further ado, here are 5 products that have stood above the rest in 2017, and could give your business a kick start in 2018


1. FaceLift® RazrWASH

RazrWASH has been around for a few months and has quickly jumped to our best-seller list. Having the right tools to facilitate cleaning conservatories, fascias, soffits and other plastics is a great way to boost your income as a modern Window Cleaner. Why spend all your free time looking for new customers when you can earn more from your current customers, by providing extra services.

The boring old statistic that current customers are worth more than new customers does hold some weight. When you up sell services to your current group of customers your taking on work with trusted customers who have a proven track record of paying on time and generally being pleasant to deal with. Alternatively when taking on new customers, who knows what type of customer you'll be picking up. That is why services like conservatory or uPVC clearing & cleaning along with other types of external cleaning can be great to offer. The secret is to actually OFFER these to your customers and not wait for them to ask you (as they probably never will). 

When it comes to external cleaning, sometimes you need a little more than pure-water and elbow grease to get the job done. That's where RazrWASH comes in!

Rather than tell you how well it works, it would be easier to show you. Check out the before-and-after images below. 

Take a look at RazrWASH uPVC Cleaner HERE

2. FaceLift Phantom®

Another addition to the FaceLift Range of premium products is the Phantom Brush. The branded DuPont® bristles and sleek design make the Phantom lightweight and extremely durable, but most importantly it provides a hell of a scrub!

Since its release, it is our best reviewed brush. In fact, we've had many windies claim its the BEST brush on the market! 

Don't take our word for it, check out what our customers have to say below:

'Wow I just love this brush, its the first brush I've had with fan jets which makes the job a lot easier and quicker. Can't fault it.' - Michael 

'Absolutely amazed how good this brush is, I had the fan jet option and the rinse is fantastic. I highly recommend the horse hair Phantom brush.' - Julian

In fact, we've seen a large proportion of window cleaners recently looking to the Phantom because of the DuPont® bristles. Whilst they are a little more expensive than other brushes in the FaceLift range, the money that is saved in time and effort more than makes up for it. 

Take a look at the Phantom Brush range HERE 


3. The Unger HydroPower™ RO System

The HydroPower RO has been described as the first ever 'user proof RO system'. It is capable of producing 400 Litres of pure water ON DEMAND, per hour and running 3 operators simultaneously. If you're considering an RO System to work as a static, portable or on site soution to producing a high volume of pure water, look no further. 

Take a look at the article we run a few weeks ago - Is This The First Operator Proof System? 



The Liquidator has been around for a little while. The 2.0 model released this year came with a few minor tweaks. The most noticeable of these is the fact the end clips are now fixed in place. The Liquidator 2.0 is one of our best selling channels and has been for some time. When combined with the swiveling Excelerator Handle & Fliq Sleeve, you've got a great Window Cleaning tool!

The major selling point of the Liquidator 2.0 channel is that it reduces detailing time. The angle of the rubber on each edge allows you to cut in tighter to the end of the window, meaning there is no soap residue left in the corners to clean up afterwards - which means you can move from one window to the next without wasting time applying finishing touches. 

Effectively what Moerman have tried to do with this channel, is provide a tool that allows you to work as quickly and accurately as possible (after all, time is money!). Given how popular these channels are, I think it's fair to say they've succeeded. 

Take a look at the Liquidator 2.0 HERE 


5. EX-CEED Slick-Connect  

The Slick-Connect from Exceed is the newest of the products to make the list. Exceed are the company behind the popular Uni-Valve, the industries favourite tool to control water flow. The Uni-Valve was such a well designed product that we expected excellence when we heard the announcement of the Slick-Connect. Now that we have the Slick Connect in stock, we can say it certainly lives up to expectations. The Slick-Connect is set to replace the Rectus 21 & Hoze-Lock connections. 

Take a look at the Slick-Connect in more detail - Check Out The Slick-Connect


Paul Benson
Friday, 2 February 2018  |  17:56

Nothing short of brilliant!!

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