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Improvements at WCW

Monday, 27 November 2017  |  Scott

At WCW we strive for dynamism. In an ever changing industry we strive to stay ahead of the curve by providing the best services and the best range of products.  

As a business our systems are consistently evolving to adapt to new challenges and this sometimes means holding our hands up, evaluating what can be improved and committing to make changes. 

We're at a stage where a number of improvements have been set in place and we're beginning to see some brilliant return. I just wanted to take a second to highlight some of the major changes we've made in the past few months and how they contribute to our overall customer experience. 


1. Quality Control Department

We've now revamped our dispatch process so that every order is checked and photographed prior to being dispatched by a member of the quality control team. This means our delivery process is increasingly accurate. 

Of course when you deal with a high volume of orders there will always be a very small percentage that may fall victim to courier issues or something of that nature, however, now more than ever we are able to resolve issues with great efficiency - as a customer you can expect great communication and service from start to finish. 


2. Re-vamp of the processing system.

A reshuffle of the whole Ecommerce process has allowed us to maximise efficiency meaning now our warehouse team are dispatching more orders than ever (with improved accuracy) and our admin team are able to achieve better results in a shorter time! 

This is great news for anything from overseas orders to returned items and general order queries.


3. Expanding our Graphic Design Team

A few months ago we expanded our creative team and this has facilitated us releasing the industries best ever catalogue (your words, not ours) and some fantastically creative promo campaigns (whilst, of course, maintaining our tongue in cheek sense of humour - see an example below). 


On a serious note, an extra creative mind on our team has brought some great ideas and has allowed us to ensure our web-shop is consistently improving and up to date with the latest products & innovations. 


4. Sticking to our roots

Having recently heard customer service complaints about other window cleaning suppliers in the U.K, we took a step back and re-evaluated exactly what has made WCW the U.K's favourite supplier of traditional and waterfed window cleaning tools.

One of the stand out things was having a great customer services team that can be reached with ease. There aren't too many businesses that have somebody with product knowledge and the power to solve your problems at the end of the phone line 9 hours a day.

The way we set up our team means that between the hours of 8 & 5 each day you can always speak to a well trained and knowledgeable member of the WCW team that, 9 times out of 10, can answer questions and resolve issues on the spot - and on the rare occasion that we can't help during the call, we'll make an effort to find somebody that can.  

Despite growing to become the U.K's largest Window Cleaning Supplier, we still strive to keep our ears to the ground.  You may even see a few of our team knocking about in the forums and Facebook groups - keeping touch with customers and just generally acting as a contact point for WCW whilst feeding back ideas and problems in the industry. 

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