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Is This The First Operator Proof System?

Wednesday, 15 November 2017  |  Scott

Is the Unger HydroPower™ RO the first ever pure water system that is Operator proof

I'll explain what I mean by posing a scenario...

Have you ever got to the end of the day, finished your final job, switched off for the evening only to get the dreaded 'my windows are covered in spots' call? 

Maybe you forgot to check your water purity, to find it has quietly crept above an acceptable level throughout the day, or maybe you had one of those days where EVERYTHING was going on and you just didn't get time to shut down for an hour to change out filters, membranes and resin. 

The Unger HydroPower™ RO has this covered. The SMARTGUARD feature gives you a percentage reading of the life of your filters/ membranes/ resin and how they are performing, meaning you know exactly what to change and when, and then if you do find yourself needing to change parts over, the FastLock™ feature means you can change each, or all four consumables, in a matter of seconds. 

No downtime and no repeated work, which of course, are unpaid tasks. 

Okay lets try another scenario. 

You have a few employees working a decent sized round, you make sure their water is filtered correctly and you're constantly on their back to maintain their pure water system to keep costs down. 

You usually get 6 months out of a particular consumable part but for some reason this time around you only get 3 months even though the conditions are almost identical. Your employees are adamant that they have done everything possible to maintain the system and your supplier tests the part only to respond that the part has not undergone a manufacturers fault. 

Now you've got the problem of having to buy new equipment with no idea what has gone wrong, if your employees have actually maintained the part correctly and therefore you have no idea if you should budget for the next replacement in 3 months or 6. 

The HydroPower™ RO has this covered. Its automated self-maintenance systems mean there really is nothing for your employees to worry about. The HydroPower™ RO maintains itself completely and has fault protection against low pressure/ water flow. The HydroPower™ RO  even diverts water away from the resin during its initial flush cycle to extend its life, and even if your employees decided to override any of these features, there is a full log of how the system is used available meaning your always up to date on exactly how the system is being used. 

So far the HydroPower RO has been used as a static system, as an on site commercial cleaning solution and even a portable system to run up to 3 operators. It's perhaps the only system on the market designed to specifically solve all the problems of the modern window cleaning business and is certainly an innovative spark in the industry. 

Currently WCW is the only place where you can find the HydroPower™ RO which means we've been able to secure a great price. You can find the details below.

If you'd like any further information regarding the HydroPower™ RO, or any of our Pure Water Systems, you can contact any of our team or drop us a line at info@windowcleaningwarehouse.co.uk 

'I have had this kit for a few months now. It creates an incredible amount of pure water within hours! It fills a static 2000 Litre tank in less than 5 hours. When I had a small issue with the unit, Tom from Window Cleaning Warehouse was so helpful and then Matt from Unger personally helped fix the problems going over and above what you could have hoped for. Thank you'  - James 


Buy-it-Now Price: £4589.00 + VAT

Finance Price*: £99.00 per month

* Based on 60 repayments, no deposit and no balloon payment. Finance subject to status.


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