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6 Common Questions About Window Cleaning Insurance

Thursday, 29 September 2016  |  Scott


Window Cleaning insurance seems to be an area where clear cut answers are a rarity. With this in mind we spent some time chatting with Jason Gibson of BeSure™ Insurance and found answers to 6 common questions.

Does every window cleaner need public liability insurance?
Having public liability is not a legal requirement but in the event of you causing damage to a property or an individual whilst working, it would outweigh the cost for this cover.

Do I need employer liability insurance if I have no staff but use subcontractors?
You would only require E/L if the subcontractors are labour only. If they are Bonafide, then cover is not required as they should have their own cover in force.

Does every policy cover me for damage to a customer property?
No.  Most Public liability policies exclude cover to damage to property being worked on.  However here at BeSure™ we have negotiated with certain insurers to provide this cover at no extra cost.

Will I save money on vehicle insurance using a fleet policy if I have only 2 vans?
Saving money with a fleet insurance is depending on a number of variables. But there are a number of benefits for choosing a fleet policy if you own more than 1 van.

  • Only 1 renewal date to remember
  • If a claim is made the process can run smoother and more efficiently
  • If you add another vehicle mid-term then that vehicle is automatically given the same level of discount
  • Open driving dependant on the actual driving restriction you choose. (Any driver over 25 could drive with your permission, subject to being claim and conviction free)

Do I need to change my policy if I am hiring out an access platform for just one day?
If you’re hiring the platform then we can make a mid-term adjustment to your policy and a charge may apply for this to be covered.

Does my van insurance cover the system as goods in transit or is it classed as a modification?
The water fed system that would be fitted to your vehicle would be classed as a modification and therefore is not covered as standard with some providers. However here at BeSure™ we have negotiated with certain insurance companies and we can offer Theft cover for the equipment from the vehicle.

*Insurance Policy Photo CC: Full Coverage Insurance

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