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Monday, 12 May 2014  |  Scott

For many water fed window cleaners getting 3 years use from a pole, is point of pride.

Have a look at this testimonial:-

I purchased this 45 ft Facelift pole approximately 9 years ago. I was thoroughly pleased with it at the time, as it was far lighter, yet more rigid than anything else on the market.

I continue to be impressed with it though, because after nearly a decade of service, it is still going strong. After a minor refurb, it will continue working hard.

Thank-you Facelift for selling me such a quality, value for money item.

Scott Walker - Director

Powerwash Ltd

Built and designed to be hard wearing and durable, a contrast to the current throw-away, consume & bin culture, Facelift poles have outlasted every pole released since. Originally designed for the industrial user and built to last, testimonies such as these prove this goal has been achieved. Even with development in pole design, the Facelift original is still found in the hands of many pro window cleaners.

At Facelift we continue to refine and develop products which now include the Phoenix and Renegade range - both aimed to meet the current demands of modern window cleaning.

More pole design innovation coming soon.

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