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Price Increase Leaflet - Giveaway

4 CommentsMonday, 29 January 2018  |  Scott

There are always times when it is hard to find the right words to say something. Telling customers of a price increase is one of those times, and because of this some Window Cleaners put it off. 

Before you know it, 10 years has gone by and you're still charging customers the same as you were when you first started. despite the cost of living increasing and your equipment, vehicle and insurance costs also going up over time. 

The truth is, most customers understand the need for price increases. As long as they're happy with the service and the increase is not excessive, they will be okay with it. 

Now it's important to note that when I say price increase, I'm talking about small increases perhaps annually. upping your prices significantly, without reason, every few months is a sure fire way to rid yourself of valued customers. 

As a business you can benefit hugely from a small price increase, even if you do lose a small percentage of customers. 

For example: 

A Window Cleaner has a domestic round that covers 100 houses each month and turns over exactly £1000.00. This makes the average cost per house £10.00. 

Following a price review, the Window Cleaner decides a price increase is needed to cover additional costs accumulated over a few years and comes to the conclusion that a 10% increase is fair. 

The average cost per house now increases to £11 (a small increase for the customer) however 5% of customers decide to cancel (5 houses in total). 

This same Window Cleaner is now turning over £1045 per month, but cleaning less houses - meaning the round is now more compact and more profitable. 

Attached below is a FREE leaflet design to update customers of a price increase in a professional, polite manor. 

Feel free to copy and paste the text, print the leaflet as is (don't forget to add your own logo and contact details into the space at the bottom) or to download and edit it as necessary. 

Alternatively, you can download a PDF copy HERE 

Paul Hayhurst
Monday, 7 May 2018  |  18:03

i think the Ferrari bit sounds a bit cheeky lol

Giles Blay
Wednesday, 27 June 2018  |  18:09

That's awesoem

Giles Blay
Wednesday, 27 June 2018  |  18:10

That's awesome as I was planning on increasing my rates after my UK holiday.

Daren Moreton
Tuesday, 4 December 2018  |  13:56

Great idea thanks, I'll be trying this but I have a porsche, not a ferrari... Haha.... I wish 👍

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