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Product Spotlight: UNI-VALVE

1 CommentMonday, 21 November 2016  |  Scott

The UNI-VALVE from Exceed Innovations has quickly become the market leading tool for controlling water usage and for good reason, it really does tick all the boxes:

 Simple to Use
 Long Lasting
 Easy to Fit

The UNI-VALVE is a small, torpedo shaped valve that fits to your pole hose and actually sits in the top section of your water fed pole. By simply tugging the pole hose extending from the base of your pole, you can completely switch off/on the flow of water. This means no more having to run to your reel or van to shut off the water when a customer wants your attention, and no tap fittings trailing along the ground and breaking every 2 weeks.

The UNI-VALVE is one of our top sellers month after month and recently made our list
5 Tools That Will Change the Way you Work’

Haven’t tried it yet? You can find the UNI-VALVE HERE

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Lee Morgans
Tuesday, 31 January 2017  |  19:54

Great Item No Need For Taps And Is easy to use

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