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Window Cleaning Starter Kits

1 CommentFriday, 18 March 2016  |  Juz

Window Cleaning Starter Kits

Starter kits are a great way to get into window cleaning whether you're starting with traditional methods or making the change from ladders to a water fed pole. We have three main starter kits which will fit each of these situations.

Traditional Kit
Unger ErgoTec® Set

This is the entry level kit for traditional cleaners, this kit includes everything you need to get started, apart from a bucket bizarrely! However this covers all the bases when it comes to a good quality set of hand tools inc a handle, three sizes of the channels, T-bar, scrapers, a few spare blades, cloths and a small extensions pole.

It also comes in a stylish bag (which is now in the new Unger black) at £83.55+VAT its worth having one in your van even if you're starting with a pole system. Just don't forget a bucket!

Water Fed Kit
Big Boy Backpack Starter Kit 

This kit is the entry level water fed setup, perfect for anyone starting in window cleaning from a car, a small van or the bus!

You will get everything you need to work on day 1, just add your tap water, we provide all the connectors, some containers to store your pure water, the backpack and the 20ft pole (which you can extend to 30ft for an extra £50)

We recently changed the backpack starter kit to include the Unger Hydropower DI Kit so start-up and maintenance is easier to understand and complete.

Remember to check the box for the 10ft extension for the pole if you need to clean any 3 storey townhouses and conservatory roofs.

The backpack will not purify water on demand so the 25 litre containers you receive will need to be filled with pre-purified water and then emptied into the backpack as required.

Water Fed Kit
DI Trolley Starter Kit

This is the last level of starter kit before you hit the Compact Van Mounted Systems and you would need a van.

The trolley kit is a little different to the backpack kit in a few ways, firstly the DI filter is built into the trolley so you can simply add tap water to the tank and purify on the go. However, you will need slightly more room in your vehicle to store the trolley or perhaps a small van.

The pole is also a FaceLift® Renegade instead of an Unger nLite pole, you can still upgrade the 20ft to a 25ft or 30ft but you will need to request this in the phone as it will be a different pole instead of an extension.

As with all the other starter kit the trolley starter kit comes with all the kit you need to add water and clean on day 1 including the water containers but as the trolley purify's on-demand you will be able to simply fill those with tap water instead of pre-purified water.

Hopefully, this helps answer some questions you may have, if you have any more please feel free to send them in!

You can see all our Starter Kits HERE.

If you would like any information about making the change from trad to WFP please take a look at another post about that HERE


Mike Slade
Tuesday, 21 June 2016  |  16:48

To do a proper job you need the right gear

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