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UK Water Hardness Map
– Just STARTING No.1 –


If you're thinking of trying a Water Fed System, and want to know the advantages, here is a checklist of questions to help you get started along with a list of benefits cleaning with Pure Water can bring to your business.

Changing to Water Fed?

In no particular order, a list of questions to consider before you start:

  • What is the PPM value of your tap water in your local area? You'll need a TDS Meter for this.
  • What is your local water pressure?
  • How far is the filling tap going to be from your system?
  • How many windows will you clean and how much water are you likely to you use per day? 
  • What vehicle are you going to use? Car, Van, Trailer etc?
  • Is your location filling on a water meter? If so, how much is your water?
  • Can you leave your system to fill for long periods of time?
  • How much load space is in your vehicle? What is the Payload?
  • How many people will use your system?
  • How much are consumables? How long will they last?
  • What is the warranty on system you are considering purchasing?
  • How easy is your system to maintain?
  • How will you protect against winter frost damage?
  • How is the system powered and does it need charging? How do you charge?
  • Which spare parts are you going to need to carry?
  • How high will you clean?
  • Will you need separate brushes for different type of jobs?
  • How far do you want to able to clean from your vehicle?
  • Will you need to lock the van up when cleaning and filling?

What are the Benefits of Cleaning with a Water Fed Pole?

There are many discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of Traditional versus Pure Water window cleaning. This is definitely personal choice and it's important to consider the effect on your existing customers. However, these are the principal advantages:

  • Safer and easier than using ladders
  • Can be far quicker than cleaning with traditional methods
  • Easier to learn that traditional cleaning
  • The ability to clean windows up to 65ft from the ground
  • Easily clean UPVC window frames, cladding and conservatories
  • Difficult to reach windows are much easier to reach

When deciding to promote Water Fed cleaning to your existing customers these are the positive advantages:

  • Chemical free water
  • Reduced risk of property damage to gutters from ladders
  • Increased privacy by cleaning upstairs windows from the ground floor
  • No ladders in flower beds
  • It's often the case that pure water will leave windows cleaner for longer, especially if cleaned regularly

The safety benefits of Water Fed Systems is also a benefit and reducing the use of ladders is an advantage. If you plan to continue using ladders, take a look at some good quality ladder safety accessories that can help.




– Just STARTING No.2 –


Now you're ready to make the move, here's a selection of simple Starter Kits to get you going straight away. See for yourself the amazing advantages of Pure Water Cleaning without breaking the bank. 

Occasional or Residential Use

If you are intending to clean windows on your own home or Occasionally need to use WFP for the odd job and if you have access to a water source, the Unger nLite HydroPower™ DI Starter Kit is the ideal solution.


  • Everything you Need to Start Cleaning
    with Pure Water
  • Reaches Heights of up to 20ft/6m
  • Perfect for Glass Windows, Building Facades,
    Solar Panels, Vehicles & much more
  • Quick Change Resin Bags for Ease of Use
    with Minimum Waste
  • Built-In TDS meter to Monitor Water Quality


Regular Low Volume Use

For window cleaners who regularly need to use a robust Water Fed Pole System with low volumes of water. Perfect for the upper floors of residential customers as well as easy reach of conservatory roofs or solar panels. BackPack Starter kits or Trolley Starter kits from WCW give you everything you need to get cleaning and start earning!


The Ideal All-In-One Starter Kit to Get You Up and Running

FaceLift® DI Trolley STARTER KIT

The Unstoppable Force of the High Capacity FaceLift® Trolley


Professional High Volume Use

For the professional who needs a lot of water the FaceLift® Phoenix Van Systems are definitely the way to go. Available in three sizes, 350L, 500L & 650L with integrated RO and DI options. Two Person options exist for the 500L and 650L versions, so there’s a system to suit every user and vehicle. Complete systems are supplied fully fitted with your choice of Water Fed Poles, Hose Reels, safety signs and other accessories. Training is included with collection or delivery direct to your premises.

FaceLift® Phoenix Systems also offer a simple Turnkey solution with fully fitted used or brand new vehicles and Finance Solutions to get you going with minimum outlay.

FaceLift® PHOENIX 650L Van Mounted System

Our Highest Capacity Pure Water Van Mounted System





– Just STARTING No.3 –

The Perfect One Man Setup

If Simplicity, Convenience and Affordability are your main priorities, we recommend one of our most outstanding offers at WCW.

Drive away in brand new Citroen Nemo 1.3 HDI complete with the Latest in Water Fed window cleaning Technology for UNDER £200 Ex VAT Per month.

Take a look at the video to see how everything fits in the most compact of vans.
The Package contains:

  • Citroen Nemo 1.3 HDI
  • 350L DI or 4stage RO/DI FaceLift® Phoenix Van Mount System
  • 100m Industrial Hose Reel
  • 22 FT Complete Carbon Composite FaceLift® Phoenix pole
  • Installation in our North or South Depot

All this for just:

  • DI Only - £190.53 Ex VAT p/m*
  • 4 Stage RO/DI - £198.53 Ex VAT p/m**

Already have a van? If a new vehicle is not a priority for you then you can still finance the equipment only at a super affordable price.

  • DI Only - £44.65 Ex VAT p/m
  • 4 Stage DI/RO - £55.23 Ex VAT p/m

Interested? Send any queries to info@windowcleaningwarehouse.co.uk
or phone us on 01446 749 060

*Suitable for soft water areas
**Suitable for hard or soft water areas
Subject to £1000 Deposit - No Balloon!  All offers are subject to terms and conditions.